Unshaved Is Art is a nude fine art database.

“Perfect” is not enough to describe a “nakedly beautiful” shape, the perfume, colour, and all the sensations created by women’s beauty. Complexity and perfection are both merged into a naked body.

“ ..Your body – from what substances
agate, quartz, ears of wheat,
did it flow, was it gathered,
rising like bread
in the warmth,
and signalling hills
valleys of a single petal, sweetnesses
of velvet depth,
until the pure, fine, form of woman
and rested there?

It is not so much light that falls
over the world
extended by your body
its suffocating snow,
as brightness, pouring itself out of you,
as if you were
burning inside.

Under your skin the moon is alive. “

– P. Neruda

– This website contains artistic nude works which may not be suitable for young viewers and/or may conflict with an individual’s racial, social, political, and/or religious beliefs. Therefore, we are advising you that entering this website and viewing the work on display is at your own discretion.

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